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Studio Policies




Tuition Payment

At least one lesson per week is required. Please make two payments for each semester, and fees are due at the 1st lesson of each payment in cash, check or pay online. On average, every student will have 17 lessons each semester.




Please plan to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled lesson. Late students cannot be guaranteed a full lesson.



Student Cancellation

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you. I will promise to offer one make-up lesson each semester. Regardless of a lesson is canceled 24-hours in advance or with weeks' notification, ONLY ONE make-ups can be offered. All of the make-up lesson schedules will be arranged during the last week of the school semester. We won’t have lessons during the Spring and Fall break. 


Teacher Cancellation

A lesson canceled by the teacher for any reason will be rescheduled or credit will be given towards the next payment of tuition. Exogenous reasons such as weather may lead to the cancellation of a lesson, and the credit will be given towards the next month’s tuition, too.



Group Lesson

Group lessons will happen once or twice a semester during the academic school year. And each family charges $5 for group lessons. These group lessons are not extra-curricular and are mandatory to attend. Group lessons have many benefits that private lessons do not offer, thus please make every effort to be available for them. In addition, we will usually have time after groups for students to socialize with each other and their families.




There will be at least one or two studio recitals per year, and all students are highly encouraged to perform. Each student will be charged an amount fee to cover rental space, professional photographer and recording, and piano accompanist. 



Parent Involvement

A parent or a guardian is expected to attend every lesson and write the notes of the lesson concepts if the student is under 10 years old. Parents function as assistant teachers at home who are very important for every child. In addition, everyone is welcome to the observation lesson.

Suzuki and traditional cello & piano lessons in The Woodlands, TX for students of all ages, beginner through advanced.


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