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Fortissimo Music Lesson is a professional music studio, where I combine Suzuki philosophy and my 18 years of high-quality cello and piano teaching experiences for students of all ages, beginner through advanced. Prior to coming to Houston in 2017,  I had a successful music studio in Greater Philadelphia. 


Maybe your children are interested in music, or you wish you could play the instrument one day. Please join my music studio and start having fun. I like teaching because I believe ' Every Child Can' in music. I promise you will enjoy your music learning process as you will find yourself being able to create wonderful music at your fingertips.


Group lesson is offered each semester besides private lessons. In addition, one or two recitals are organized each year to set the stage for students to perform and family and friends to enjoy. 


Fortissimo Music Lesson

Cello Lesson

Cello is a stringed instrument that belongs to the "family" of the violin. It has been described as the closest sounding instrument to the human voice. It is fair to say that at present time, all composers deeply appreciate the cello – its warmth, sincerity and depth of sound, and its performing qualities have captured the hearts of both the musicians and their enthusiastic audience. Cello is the most favourite instrument after the violin and piano. Student in elementary and high school orchestra can further improve their skills.

Fortissimo Music Lesson

Piano Lesson

Taking piano lesson is one of the best choices when you begin to learn music. I have experiences teaching the piano to students of all ages and levels. A beginner will learn how to read music, basic music theory and play some of the most celebrated pieces. I can also help advanced pianist improve techniques.

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Pre-Twinkle Cello

Younger kids (3.5-5 yo) play the foam instructional cello stool at the beginning. ​It will be better to introduce young children to playful music-making and prepare them for a future of cello playing. They will learn to sing with the cello, can listen and play together when they know the Suzuki music. This course can be a small group or private lessons. 

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Suzuki and traditional cello & piano lessons in The Woodlands, TX for students of all ages, beginner through advanced.


            The Woodlands, TX

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