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My daughter started learning cello the year before we moved to the United States. Once here I found Fang Fang on the internet searching for cello teachers near my area. I heard before about the Suzuki method, but I did not really know how it worked. And I must say that is amazing, both the method and Fang Fang as a teacher. It is unbelievable how fast my daughter improved her technique and what she is able to play now after two years with Fang Fang. She is an excellent teacher, patient, and kind. Fang Fang really knows how to motivate her students into working harder. Because of Coronavirus, my daughter started doing online lessons. They were as being in person with Fang Fang, and thanks to them my daughter could finish Suzuki Book 2. Thank you, Fang Fang!


- Henar





Ms. Fang is by far the best instructor I have ever worked with. She started teaching my daughter piano two years ago, and she’s been an inspiration to her. My daughter’s progress was impressive and fellow piano players we meet always comment on my daughter’s form and technique. All thanks to Fang, an excellent instructor, and a kind and thoughtful person. I simply couldn’t recommend Fang more!

- Jen




Fang Fang is my first cello teacher. I think she also is a great cellist. She taught me to play the cello. And taught me all skills of it. How to control the bow, how to relax the fingers of the left hand, how to practice smartly, how to play beautiful music .... and so on. She has a different goal for each student. And she always seriously leads the students to achieve their goals. She is very patient with the students. Also, She can find students with different shortcomings, then step by step to help them to correct it. In summary, I think she is a perfect teacher.


- Enjn  

 Trinity Laban Conservatoire of  Music and Dance, cello performance



Fang Fang is my first cello teacher and is still currently my teacher. She has been a really great help in my auditions and my cello performance. She knows how to communicate with students and knows how to be a wonderful lesson teacher teaching young cellists and pianists. She is a very experienced teacher and has a nice lesson environment that is very comfortable while in a lesson. As a cellist, Fang Fang is very helpful with technique and knows how to teach her students. I'm very fortunate to have found a wonderful lesson teacher. Thank you!


- Alexander

 Houston Youth Symphony Orchestra



Ms. Fang is my son’s first piano teacher who introduced him to an amazing music world. Ms. Fang is an extraordinarily talented cellist and pianist with very effective teaching methods. Since my son had a very little musical background and experience, she was able to adjust piano lessons to the level of instruction that was necessary to meet the goals. Ms. Fang not only worked with my son on techniques, but also theory. As a typical Suzuki teacher, her lessons were always enjoyable. “Suzuki Method: The method aims to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language.” Furthermore, Ms. Fang provides a complementary group lesson each month for every student. It's musicality, effective practicing, and building repertoire. such a happiness witnessing my son learning the art of music in a beautiful, congenial and enthusiastic environment. Thank Ms. Fang for her encouraging teaching style!


- Claire Xu




Fang Fang is an amazing teacher. My sister and I grew up playing Suzuki violin and Suzuki piano. I was very excited to have her teach my son when he expressed interest in the cello. She encouraged him at each lesson and was very patient when he was antsy. As a former music major, I was pleased to see such musicality from students so young during the recital. It was very nice to see how she connected and encouraged each student and not just my child. We ended up moving out of the area and my son asked if she could move with us. I have nothing but positive things to say about her and could go on and on. I highly recommend her as a teacher!


- Kasha




Ms. Fang is a fantastic teacher of unmatched charm and professionalism. She was the first cello teacher of my daughter. My daughter was only 5 when she started and it was difficult for her to stay focus for a long time at the beginning. Ms. Fang was very patient and she engaged my daughter with her unique methods. Soon, my daughter became to look forward to her lessons every week. Ms. Fang was also very strict with the fundamental techniques which turned out to be more than useful when my daughter was accepted at the Affiliated School of Shanghai Conservatory of Music. We are extremely fortunate and grateful for all of the guidance and help along the way from Ms. Fang!


- Mrs. Liu




Fang Fang is the music teacher of my kids. She is an excellent music teacher. A person who knows how to deal with her students. She always take time to patiently teach her students the proper way of playing their instruments. She teaches piano and cello (Suzuki method). We are so blessed to find not only an excellent teacher but a teacher who treats her student as the family. If you are looking for a piano or cello teacher, I would highly recommend her.


- Joel




My son started learning cello with Ms.Fang. She's a nice person, very kind, patient, always thinking how to make her students more interested in practicing cello. My son enjoyed her lesson every time. I think Ms.Fang is a really good skilled teacher at teaching cello. I highly recommend her!!


- Azumi




I have started my first cello lesson with Fang in this May. She is such an encouraging teacher who motivates you to keep learning. I have tried many different cello teachers, some were great performers themselves but had no clue how to teach beginners. This is definitely not the case with Fang. She is so passionate about what she is doing, and that passion influences you a lot. I would highly recommend Fang to anyone who wants to start cello or piano lessons. She is awesome!!!



 University of Pennsylvania



Fang Fang is a very experienced teacher and performer, who is fluent in both Chinese and English! In addition to receiving her bachelors and masters in cello performance, she has extensive training in the Suzuki method (piano AND cello)! I am so happy that she has decided to make Houston her new home!



 Sam's String Violin Shop






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Suzuki and traditional cello &  piano lessons in The Woodlands, TX for students of all ages, beginner through advanced.


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